This week on Vegas Never Sleeps with Steven Maggi, you’ll meet a man that has helped liberate over 30,000 folks from the misery of homelessness. Tiger Todd has taught many on the streets of Vegas to embrace change—he’ll explain how. Later, you’ll learn a new, economical way to get around town with the ride-sharing team at Lyft. Author Steven Travers talks about the late Oakland Raider owner Al Davis and your Vegas Insider Scott Roeben tells us what stadium gambling is.

This week on Vegas Never Sleeps with Steven Maggi, we cover two topics that all Vegas visitors are familiar with: showgirls and music. You’ll meet Grant Phillipo, CEO and Curator of the Las Vegas Showgirls Museum, an incredible collection of everything Showgirls, from the early 20th Century to today.  You’ll also meet one of the upcoming groups of rock and roll, Shawn James and the Shapeshifters. All that, plus your Vegas Insider, Scott Roeben, who tells the story of the wheel of misfortune.

This week on Vegas Never Sleeps, you will visit the oldest continually-running casino in Las Vegas: The El Cortez Hotel & Casino.

You will also meet one of the great “voices” of Vegas, Jon Lindquist.

s_roebenFinally, your Vegas Insider, Scott Roeben, will take you to a place where you can have your picture taken with people made out of Lego pieces—only in Vegas!!!

viva-las-vegas-weddings-main-chapel-8-SMThis week on Vegas Never Sleeps, you will experience a wedding, Vegas style, at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.

We also stop by one of the best museums in the area to check out mummies, live animals and much more at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

From there we visit one the most famous coffee shops in America, the Peppermill Restaurant. All that, plus your Vegas Insider, Scott Roeben warns you about “surge pricing.”

This week on Vegas Never Sleeps, we head out to the Bellagio Hotel to visit their renowned Gallery of Fine Arts and its new exhibit, Mohammad Ali: The Greatest.

Top of the HeapFrom there, we ask the question: have you ever looked at a construction site and thought you’d like to play with the big equipment? If so, there’s a place you can do that in Las Vegas, called Dig This.

All that, plus an update on the NHL’s Golden Knights from the beat writer Steve Carp and our Vegas Insider, Scott Roeben talks about the LINQ “wheel”, the High Roller Observation Wheel that sits at the middle of the strip and why you should check it out.

scottThis week on Vegas Never Sleeps, Scott Spreitzer of ESPN  and will tell us how he makes a living betting on sports and what the visitor needs to know before visiting the sports book.

Later in the show, you’ll learn where to get a great slice of pizza and visit a shrine to Evel Knievel all at the same time.

Our Vegas insider Scott Roeben shares the excitement of White Castle coming to town and at the Casino Legends Hall of Fame, we learn there is a lot more there than celebrities.

This week on Vegas Never Sleeps, we will discuss a great historical event—the sinking of the Titanic. There is an incredible exhibit in Vegas that presents artifacts from the great ship at the Luxor.

vegasdunessmall_1From there, we head outdoors to ride dune buggies and ATVs at Sun Buggy.

Finally, we discuss the world of tomorrow, as virtual reality comes to Las Vegas. Your Vegas Insider Scott Roeben explains.

This week on Vegas Never Sleeps, you’ll hear what the future of gaming in Nevada is from Rick Velotta of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

This time, it’s not just luck, but skill. Later in the show, part 2 of our conversation with Stefan Al, urban designer and author of the book “The Strip,” which was featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Finally, your Vegas insider, Scott Roeben describes one of the best permanent shows in town.

17458441_1667437333558915_3310354937782759748_nThis week on Vegas Never Sleeps, you’ll meet a talented entertainer that you probably never heard of, but is a big star in other countries. His name is Zac Hilon and he’ll tell his story and we will listen to his music and his amazing impressions.

Later in the show, you will see the connection between the Vegas Strip architecture and American culture with world renowned designer Stefan Al. All that, with your Vegas Insider, Scott Roeben with his choice for best desserts, and much more to do in Las Vegas!

Listen to our interview with Stefan Al to win a free copy of his book “The Strip.”

0209001346a copyThis week on Vegas Never Sleeps, we will discuss the biggest news in Vegas—the decision to allow the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas. You will hear from the other pro team in town–the NHL Vegas Golden Knights.

Later in the show, you will meet the genius behind the Bellagio’s Botanical Gardens, Ed Libby. He will share many great stories and how he got his break in this industry.

We will also be talking with the Nature Conservancy in Las Vegas and your Vegas Insider Scott Roeben.