Author Juliette Turner joins the Steven Maggi Show to talk about her book, That’s Not Hay in My Hair. Daughter of actress Janine Turner, talks about her new fiction novel based on her own experiences, with the shift of living in the hustle and bustle of New York City to life on a Texas ranch.

Dr. Courtney Campbell, host of Pet Talk joins the Steven Maggi Show to talk about answers all of your pet questions from health to grooming to behavior issues for your furry, feathered, or scaled friends. Get a preview here and watch Nat Geo WILD on Fridays at 10pm EST.

Are you ready to retire? Do you have enough money saved? Teresa Ghilarducci joins the show with her book, How to Retire with Enough Money: And How to Know What Enough Is. Learn about how social security alone wont cut it, and secrets to enjoining your golden years.


Emmy Award winning actor Eric Martsolf from NBC’s Days of our Lives and his dancer, choreographer & fitness-instructor wife Lisa, are taking fitness to Las Vegas with Cardio Barre Las Vegas! Join the show as we talk with Eric & Lisa about what sets them apart from all other fitness studios with their unique and fun, high energy, total body work out!

***Coming October 1st…Vegas Never Sleeps with Steven Maggi!!!

Dr. Jeffrey Rabuffo is next on the show and asks…Who is looking after the needs & health of men today? What is political correctness doing to them? Listen in as we talk with Jeff about his book, The Life of Men: Love, Sex, Myth, Medicine… and Political Correctness.

Author and Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri  joins the show to talk about her book, A Field Guide to Awkward Silences. There is so much in life that makes us feel awkward, and Alexandra teaches us to embrace it while talking about many of her most awkward personal experiences of he own.

Author and Producer, Designer and Emmy award winning guest,  Robert Max Bovill talks about his book, The House of Pearl. A romantic paranormal thriller based in Sausalito, California where two lovers must survive a ghostly onslaught or else find themselves doomed to become part of the tragic history.

Cancer impacts almost everyone at some point in their life, whether they themselves are dealing with it, or it is a loved one. Jamie Schwachter, co-author of The Complete Cancer Organizer: Your Answers to Questions About Living with Cancer talks about the book and how it is a resource for anyone to help cancer patients through every step of their treatment. The book contains a full of lists, tips, and suggestions to allow patients and their families to face a challenging time armed with knowledge and concrete strategies that have worked for others before them.

Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Sportswriter of the Year, Steve Carp joins the Steven Maggi Show. Carp writes about hockey, golf and boxing and talks with us about what is happening in Las Vegas in the sports world, including the newest NHL Hockey team coming!

Actor Clifton Collins Jr talks about prison reform and his new unique and edgy cookbook, Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars and takes readers behind bars with more than 65 Ramen recipes and prison stories.

Questions about red wine? White wine? Any wine?? Learn all you need to know about wine, what to eat with it. Get Karen MacNeil’s  book, The Wine Bible.

Everything you wanted to know about food in NYC is right here! Join us with Ina Yalof to learn about all the food delicacies, treats, and hidden gems of NYC. Get your copy of Food and the City: New York’s Professional Chefs, Restaurateurs, Line Cooks, Street Vendors, and Purveyors Talk About What They Do and Why They Do It and dig in!


A man thought to be Ivan the Terrible, a Nazi war criminal was found guilty, and sentenced to death, but then they found out he was a victim of mistaken identity. But was he actually innocent? Lawrence Douglas, author of The Right Wrong Man: John Demjanjuk and the Last Great Nazi War Crimes Trial talks about one of the last major Holocaust trials for our time.


Author, producer and consultant to the TV series Mad Men Josh Weltman, joins the Steven Maggi Show and talks about what does, and doesn’t work in the world of advertising. Josh talks about “how does persuasion work?” and how TV shows are sold. Learn more about the book Seducing Strangers: The Little Black Book of Advertising Secrets and how these techniques are woven into Mad Men!